Sweet Protection Arbitrator MIPS Hjelm sort

2.199,95 DKK 1.400,00 DKK

2 i 1 hjelmen fra Sweetprotection er til dig der vil lidt mere, men stadig kun have en hjelm.



Settling a long-time dilemma between downhill and trail biking with this new convertible full-face helmet.

The brand-new Arbitrator is a revolutionary convertible full-face helmet, settling your trail biking dilemma once and for all. Being a full-on downhill certified full-face, yet with a removable chin bar, this helmet is super easy to convert into a trail helmet. As the name implies, this helmet will settle a long-time dilemma on helmet use for the most dedicated enduro and trail riders. It offers two kinds of retention systems; trail mode and full-face mode for downhill. Fully ventilated with large intake and exit ports and STACC ventilation for extra cooling. This product is a two-for-one helmet – with zero compromises given.

  • Downhill certified full-face helmet
  • Removable chin bar converts into trail mode
  • Two-in-one
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • highly ventilated
  • Occigrip
  • Size m/L 980 g in M/L with Chin Guard and 550 g without


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