All Mountain Style Beskyttelsefolie Extra – Cheetah White

Beskyttelsesfolie fra AMS i extra udgaven. Perfekt til dig som passer på din cykel.

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Transparent CHEETAH, extra size.

Choose between clear with grey graphics or clear with white graphics.


  • Get rid of frame chips and cable wear on the frame.
  • Don’t ruin the look of your bike. Improve it.
  • Super easy to install, even on the most difficult curves. Fool proof.
  • Will last longer than your bike.
  • Designed for universal fitting.
  • CHEETAH animal print, version offer tons of style. It’s designed in transparent and in translucent grey or white colours, so it perfectly blends with the colour of your bike frame. Pick the grey on bright or clear bike frame colors. Pick the white on dark or black frame colors.
  • This option is ideal for Trail, All Mountain, Enduro, Freeride and DH bikes.


  • High impact and rub resistance honeycomb 380 microns semi-rigid PVC.
  • Minimum weight (28 grams / 0.98 ounces)
  • Cool look&feel honeycomb material.
  • Easy to install.
  • Automotive-grade materials. Won’t yellow over time. Guaranteed.
  • 10 parts for a universal protection system: 1 big part for the down tube; 4 arrow parts for extending the down tube protection or top tube, 4 parts for the chainstay; 1 rectangle for cable wear protection or other uses.

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