AXA AXA Solid Plus and Newton 150 plug

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  • Package Type: 1 pcs. on a card
  • Package: ‘1/5
  • Weight: 1070g
  • Safety Code: 15 (1-15)
  • Brand: AXA
  • Item Name: AXA Solid Plus and Newton 150 plug in cable
  • Description: AXA Solid Plus is a high quality frame lock that lock offers optimal safety with its anti drilling cylinder and hardened steel bracket. Newton Plug In Cable offers an extra barrier against bike theft.
  • Color: Black
  • Approved In: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway
  • Other: For frame mounting, incl. 150 cm/Ø10 mm plug-in cable
  • Item Type: Ring lock
  • Approval Description: Varefakta, SBSC, Finanssialan, FG, Sold Secure Silver
  • Retractable Key: Yes
  • Diameter: Ø58 mm