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Lad forskærmen fra Muc-Off tage det værste vand og mudder fra turene på sporet i vinter halvåret. Desuden beskytter du også dine gaffelben og styrfittings

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When the wet weather arrives, get ready to rock with the Muc-Off Ride guard. Don’t let mud and spray get in the way of a good time when you’re shredding the trails or commuting to work. This mudguard is lightweight, stealthy, and super easy to fit to your bike – plus it looks rad too.


  • Step 1. Firstly remove the Sag setter and attach it to your shock pump. You can now set the sag on your suspension if required (check shock manufacturer’s recommendations).
  • Step 2. Remove the zip ties and thread them through the four sets of holes in the RideGuard from the rear to the front
  • Step 3. Slide the RideGuard under the front fork brace and loosely loop the zip ties around the brace and fork legs.
  • Step 4. Push the RideGuard upward towards the fork brace and tighten the zip ties (A). Tighten the zip ties (B) around the fork legs for a snug fit. Trim the excess ties.
  • Step 5. Don’t forget to check your RideGuard regularly to ensure zip ties are tensioned to avoid damage to paintwork.


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