Oakley Flight Jacket Prizm Black – Kokoro Limited Edition

Oakley Flight Jacket med Prizm Black, hvor stellet er special malet. Stærkt limiteret udgave. Flight Jacket er udviklet til at mindste dug og kan tippes ud, så der er bedre luftgennemstrømning.

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The Kokoro Collection, designed by Meguru Yamaguchi, celebrates our shared Love of Sport, unifying athletes of all abilities, in a time where the need for community is greater than ever. The collection, “Kokoro” – a Japanese word meaning “heart; mind; spirit” – represents the brilliance and beauty of the human race.

Each unique piece is an artistic interpretation of the mental, emotional and physical pursuit of sport and its players, through the mind and work of Tokyo-born, Brooklyn-based artist, Meguru Yamaguchi.

Aerodynamic engineering makes this speed specialist the ultimate eyewear for cycling, running and beyond. An open-edge brow maximizes the upper field of view, and our new Advancer nose bridge instantly opens airflow to combat fogging and overheating.


Oakley’s exclusive lens technology designed to enhance color and contrast so you can see more detail.

  • Light Transmission: 11%
  • Light Conditions: Bright Light
  • Contrast: Increased
  • Base Lens Color: GRAY

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