Wahoo – Speedplay: Nano Pedal System

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The SPEEDPLAY NANO is a featherweight, dual-sided road pedal that lives up to the demands of sprint finishes, categorized climbs, and tough training sessions. The mix of premium titanuim and carbon fiber materials create a lightweight but strong pedal that will hold up and deliver speed on the breakaway. The integrated cleat system with 3-axis adjustability allows you to precisely dial in your fit for optimized biometrics and increased power transfer.

Dual-sided Entry
SPEEDPLAY NANO pedals’ symmetrical form factor allows for dual-sided entry when clipping in. No more fumbling, fussing or kicking your pedal over; take off when the light turns green and clip in with ease.

Enhanced Walkability
The slim profile cleat and rubber texture create enhanced stability when walking in your road shoes off the bike.

Integrated Profile
SPEEDPLAY NANO and Standard Tension Cleat create a seamless integration for a streamlined profile. The secure connection can contribute to an increase in the transfer of power, which can make it easier to attain those hard fought watts.

3-axis Cleat Adjustability
The Standard Tension Cleat can be positioned on the bottom of the shoe and adjusted fore-aft, left-right and rotationally, allowing between 0-15 degrees of float.

Optimized Biomechanics
The 3-axis adjustability and slim stack height of the SPEEDPLAY Advanced Pedal System allows the rider to customize their fit on the bike with the largest range of optionality. The lower stack height can allow for increased power transfer and a decreased saddle height, which results in reduced drag.

Rotational Free Float
SPEEDPLAY pedals allow up to 15 degrees of float, allowing the heel to pivot around the center of the pedal. This range of motion in the foot, lower leg and knee increases comfort and enhances pedal efficiency.

Superior Cornering Clearance
The slim profile of the Speedplay Advanced Pedal System allows for the greatest degree of lean on the bike when riding tight corners. Pedal with confidence knowing your pedal won’t strike the ground, and leave the competition in the dust.

Standard Tension Cleat Included
SPEEDPLAY NANO pedals include a set of Standard Tension Cleats and cleat surrounds for the most aerodynamic profile and walkable system. SPEEDPLAY NANO is also compatible with Easy Tension Cleat.

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