ZÉFAL Universal Tube Strap

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Extra wide and made from Hypalon, a resistant material which won’t cause damage.


Coated in PU creating a secure hold without causing damage.

LargeVolume_ZframePack.png UNIVERSAL

For all types of bike inner tubes, even the wider ones.

ZFramePack_Zoom_WideOpening.png TYPE LEVERS

Supplied with 2 highly resistant tyre Z-levers.

This double holding strap means you can carry one inner tube as well as 2 tyre levers (Z-Levers) also included. The main strap fits to all frames whilst the other strap is silicon coated suitable for all inner tube sizes. This really is a simple, yet effective piece of kit which is perfect for cyclists who like the freedom to ride without a bag.

Material: Hypalon and Nylon with PU
Dimensions: 420 x 40 mm
Weight: 29 g
Type: Frame bag