DMR Vault pedal Magnesium SL

DMR Magnesium SL (super light) pedaler er top pedalen. Du får titaniumsaksel samt en super let pedal. DMR vault er virkelig en populær pedal grundet det konkave design som giver rigtig godt greb.

2.000,00 kr. inkl. moms

Kun 2 tilbage på lager

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New Pressure Die Casting process uses less energy, has zero waste and uses magnesium extracted from seawater. Better for the planet and better for your bank account.

The new Vault Mag SL mtb flat pedal is here, born from our quest for production methods that are more environmentally friendly and less wasteful. Thanks to the unique use of pressure die casting technology, the Vault Mag SL achieves these goals. The combination of lightweight magnesium body and Ti Nitride axle equates to just 332g per pair. When weight and performance are paramount, the Vault Mag SL mountain bike pedal delivers.

Six benefits of the magnesium casting process:
1. Most of the magnesium used is extracted from seawater.
2. Magnesium uses less energy to process the material than aluminium (bauxite).
3. Casting magnesium uses less energy to make the finished product (than CNC aluminium).
4. The casting process wastes very little material.
5. Any waste material is recycled on site (zero waste).
6. Magnesium is non-toxic and is very safe for manufacture and use.

• ED Painted black finish only.
• Tried and tested at pro level.
• 17mm concave footbed.
• Titanium Nitride Axle.
• High Load DU bush system.
• 332g per pair.
• Replaceable steel pins.
• Rider weight limit 85kg

Platform: 105mm x 105mm.

Please Note: Torque setting at the Axle to Crank, for all the DMR Bikes pedal range, is 40 – 55Nm.

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