Muc-Off Glueless Puncture Repair Patch Kit – Hurtig Lappegrej

Hurtigt og nemt lappegrej, altid godt at have med for en sikkerhedsskyld og for at kunne hjælpe andre.

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    Don’t let a puncture bring your ride to a standstill. Available in a handy travel-sized pouch it can be kept in a jersey pocket or pannier bag, including everything you need to get you rolling again.


      • 6x Glueless Patches (25mm)
      • 1x Sandpaper
      • Travel Size – Can be kept inside a jersey pocket, tool bottle or saddle bag!
      • HOW TO

        1. Try to keep the area free of dirt and debris during the whole procedure.
        2. Sand down the punctured area on the inner tube, then pump a little air into the inner tube to give it shape, but not too much that it stretches out.
        3. Hold a clean finger over the hole to prevent too much air from escaping, peel off a patch and place it so the puncture is in the centre.
        4. Starting from the centre, press down firmly, working your way out to the sides.
        5. Repeat to ensure a strong bond is achieved.
        6. Re-fit the inner tube inside your tyre and inflate to the specified PSI.


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